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Romanticism in Poetry

An analysis of elements of romanticism and in the works of the poets William Wordsworth and Percy Blysshe Shelley.

This paper discusses how the use of nature in romantic works is common, where its use represents a focus on what is natural and basic in life, rather than what man has produced. It looks at how two poets that were highly influential in the romantic period were William Wordsworth and Percy Blysshe Shelley and how both poets are considered founding fathers of romanticism. It considers some of the works of these poets to show that their works have the romantic qualities as described above.

The second poem that will be considered is William Wordsworth’s I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.” This poem is a description of Wordsworth’s view of a field of daffodils “Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.” As well as describing the scene and how it made him feel, Wordsworth also describes how he is always able to recall the scene in his mind and relive the joy he felt. The first aspect that is obvious in the poem is the use of nature. The subject of the poem is the field of daffodils, making nature essential to the poem. In addition, Wordsworth adds a range of natural images. This even includes himself where he describes himself wandering “lonely as a cloud.” “




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